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  • Damnnn, this song is sickk

    sad fanboy here *insert soobin’s bye guys hi ladiessad fanboy here *insert soobin’s bye guys hi ladies4 시간 전
  • 나도 오디션봐서걸그룹꼭되야 지

    제로투제로투13 시간 전
  • It’s the first time in a long time that I’ve come back to replay the MV 10+ times. I absolutely love this! So catchy and they sound/look like they’ve been doing this for a while. Lots of potential

    Lemon Cupcakes37Lemon Cupcakes3714 시간 전

    Sirine OuladmoussaSirine Ouladmoussa15 시간 전
  • the high note XD 10/10

    Sema-Sema-19 시간 전
  • Hoping they make it big, y’all better give me 10 bucks per person if they do 🤨

    Secrets Are for lifeSecrets Are for life22 시간 전
  • this is so good

    Hanna VargheseHanna Varghese23 시간 전
  • bruhh the chorus is fire!

    laurena vixlaurena vix일 전
  • Didn't know this was their debut song, the vocals and choreography the aesthetics and most importantly the outfits (these are my style) ARE AWESOME! never knew one's debut song can be this good!!!! I really wanna stan luminous and wanna support them...I can see their bright future

    fidget spinnerfidget spinner일 전
  • I have never heard of them before but their voices are so unique and attractive

    Sharon VeraSharon Vera일 전
  • The visualssss ahhhhh🔥🔥

    Swayamsi SwainSwayamsi Swain일 전
  • Wooow perfect

    MarlynMarlyn일 전
  • Woo I love this song

    Ross RomRoss Rom2 일 전
  • wow this song is so catchy

    lunaticlunatic2 일 전
  • This is a banger. And it sounds like some 3rd gen kpop i love this

    Little LightLittle Light2 일 전
  • 노래 너무 좋아요. 트렌디 하네요♡♡♡

    도리 & 슈니 이야기도리 & 슈니 이야기2 일 전
  • 💕💕

    Aisoo AsooAisoo Asoo2 일 전
  • Masterpiece.

    REI - RebirthREI - Rebirth2 일 전
  • Çox gözəldi.Uğurlar arzu edirem.Desteyem bu günden🖤 Love from Azerbaijan🇦🇿

    Angel BTS 777Angel BTS 7772 일 전
  • video: **starts** me, immediately: **woosans child!?!?!?!?!??**

    C MC M2 일 전
  • 72K & 4.4M views let’s keep going 🥰

    RCC MalcolmRCC Malcolm2 일 전
  • They’re hot, they’re good at singing, rapping, and the VISUALS! :)

    mochimochi2 일 전
  • Youngbin :)

    mochimochi2 일 전
  • GORGEOUS,THIS IS TRULY A GORGEOUS SONG, and I can’t to don’t remark that they are really passionate and charming plus the name is really a new and good one for a new group! Keep this up bcs I think I’m already a fan!

    Lee Min HwaLee Min Hwa2 일 전
  • give views on the official luminous channel, please! let's go 5M🥰👏

    ana claraana clara2 일 전
  • ديم ياخي

    Aryam BadrAryam Badr2 일 전
  • KOnews me lo recomendó y me gustó la canción

    Citlalli Hernández LandaCitlalli Hernández Landa2 일 전
  • pretty strong n pretty catchy for a debut 👍 Best luck 👍

    eatjin hwaggaeeatjin hwaggae2 일 전
  • You are so handsome

    ⟭⟬ BANGTANBLİNK ⟬⟭#gitti⟭⟬ BANGTANBLİNK ⟬⟭#gitti2 일 전
  • OMG

    ⟭⟬ BANGTANBLİNK ⟬⟭#gitti⟭⟬ BANGTANBLİNK ⟬⟭#gitti2 일 전
  • This is so beautiful

    ⟭⟬ BANGTANBLİNK ⟬⟭#gitti⟭⟬ BANGTANBLİNK ⟬⟭#gitti2 일 전

    ⟭⟬ BANGTANBLİNK ⟬⟭#gitti⟭⟬ BANGTANBLİNK ⟬⟭#gitti2 일 전
  • what's the song at the intro

    Merciless EnemyMerciless Enemy2 일 전
    • @Angie thanks. Will listen soon

      Merciless EnemyMerciless Enemy일 전
    • It's another song by Luminous called Home Alone :)

      AngieAngie일 전

    AniAni2 일 전
  • This is so GOOD 🎶🎵🎶

    Elisa LeElisa Le2 일 전

    Nissa Salsabila ANissa Salsabila A3 일 전
  • Wahhh

    Na1207Na12073 일 전
  • This song is dope!!!....❤🔥 This grp is gonna shine in the future...!!!🤩🤩 I sincerely wish their success!!!!😍😍😍

  • Better than most kpop songs from 3 gen

    Merciless EnemyMerciless Enemy3 일 전
  • ohaa 💜💜💜💜💜💜

    🍉StrayKidsWifi🍉🍉StrayKidsWifi🍉3 일 전
  • :)))

    Elnaz FarahmandElnaz Farahmand3 일 전
  • Omgggggg

    Elnaz FarahmandElnaz Farahmand3 일 전
  • Awesome 😎

    Peggy TaePeggy Tae3 일 전
  • It’s perfect, wishing the boys loads of success ahead❤️

    Siddhika PatilSiddhika Patil3 일 전
  • THIS IS SOOO GOOD ~Azerbaijan fans

    Pink JisooPink Jisoo3 일 전
  • love this, good job guys!

    k a tk a t3 일 전
  • What an interesting song! love the beat and the instrumentals. the dance and mv is nice too! will keep an eye out for live stages and future comebacks 👍

    PoePoe3 일 전
  • Cooooooool

    Jennifer GonzálezJennifer González3 일 전
  • they're good!!

    Julia LiaJulia Lia3 일 전
  • Oh hello

  • the song: 🤬💣⛓🕷‼🔥 the lyrics: 💧😞☔🫂🌃

    alicia abdullahalicia abdullah3 일 전
  • I saw an advert about this so I decided to check it out, I’m glad I checked it out or I would’ve missed out on such talent 😁✌️

    TaeTae Cookie 2nd channelTaeTae Cookie 2nd channel3 일 전
  • I like this! Love from USA💜

    Trey CaryTrey Cary3 일 전
  • buenisimo!!

     🛸 Silvio 💙 🛸 Silvio 💙3 일 전
  • genios!!

     🛸 Silvio 💙 🛸 Silvio 💙3 일 전
  • Eu acho que já sei quem é meu utt,Woobin é meu utt

    wooojin_bear3wooojin_bear33 일 전
  • genial!! el final se re prende!

     🛸 Silvio 💙 🛸 Silvio 💙3 일 전
  • Buenardo

    Camila Juliana Gómez SnaiderCamila Juliana Gómez Snaider3 일 전
  • OMG 😍

    Michel ReyesMichel Reyes3 일 전
  • Great debut song

    Laura RobinsonLaura Robinson3 일 전
  • okay fire

    osussexosussex3 일 전
  • Lemme just stan.

    I know my ABCI know my ABC3 일 전
  • Bounce!!! Let me check :)

    MinMer multi fandomizmMinMer multi fandomizm3 일 전
  • i want more songs like this!

    Rosh RajakRosh Rajak3 일 전
  • i've said it once i'll say it again "I love this" iI LOVE THIS watched it 4times already

    Rosh RajakRosh Rajak3 일 전
  • ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    SMfamStanSMfamStan3 일 전
  • This is so good i can’t believe that i saw this as an ad

    Ravza AydinRavza Aydin3 일 전
  • wooaahh🔥💞😍👑 listening to them 1st time...nd they're amazinnnggg..CATCHY SONG ND BEATS❤️

    Sampada B.Sampada B.3 일 전
  • Ვაააა

    mariami useinashvilimariami useinashvili3 일 전
  • This song just relax my mind. I'll never get tired of watching this

    sarvisarvi3 일 전
  • ahaha necesito stanearlosss ❣️

    Paula KongPaula Kong3 일 전
  • wooow i love ittt, they are so talented ❥

    Paula KongPaula Kong3 일 전
  • It's a really good song

    Ada ErtlAda Ertl3 일 전
  • Congratulations on your debut :)))

    Ada ErtlAda Ertl3 일 전
  • Love it 😍

    VnastyTaffyVnastyTaffy3 일 전
  • that one guy at 3:19 reminds me of taeil. the high note, his facial expressions when he sings. idk if i'm the only one who sees it or if he actually does resemble him

    fathima abdulqayoomfathima abdulqayoom3 일 전
  • *Their visuals are no joke*

    YeonbingyuhyunkaiYeonbingyuhyunkai4 일 전
  • This is one of the best debut don't sleep on talent like luminous *STAN LUMINOUS*

    YeonbingyuhyunkaiYeonbingyuhyunkai4 일 전
  • I'm here from Fo Squad video. I'm glad I'm here

    sekelile dlaminisekelile dlamini4 일 전
  • Me salió el teaser del Mv y no me quedé con las ganas de buscarlos y aquí estoy, por cierto alguien que sea tan amable de darme info de los chicos ? Quiero stanearlos ARTE agradecida por dar clik se merecen like ♡

    Paola MinPaola Min4 일 전
  • Omg! I'm so shook- this is their debut? I was reading the lyrics and it sounded like they were unhappy with their career because they aren't getting much love and attention from fans- Like i even looked at the likes and number of comments and i got so sad and was about ready to spam all my fandoms to get them more attention- which I'm still gonna do anyway but- dude- this song is fire and I'm LIVING for the choreo at the end- chefs kiss 😘👌

    Lilyanna MythLilyanna Myth4 일 전
  • This is going to be on repeat, I relate so well to the lyrics ✨🌸🌸🌸

    Caitlyn KCaitlyn K4 일 전
  • I love it. The lyrics explain my current situation so well!

    Amir DemirAmir Demir4 일 전
  • I dig it. Are they new???

    Dominique WaltersDominique Walters4 일 전
  • muy buen MV, me encanta la canción!!

     🛸 Silvio 💙 🛸 Silvio 💙4 일 전
  • Simplesmente perfeito

    Song Mess & FriendshipSong Mess & Friendship4 일 전
  • Até salvei essa obra

    Song Mess & FriendshipSong Mess & Friendship4 일 전
  • Isso é uma obra de arte

    Song Mess & FriendshipSong Mess & Friendship4 일 전
  • Só pra reforçar... Luminous é um boy group de 4 membros da BarunsonWIP Entertainment, que estreou com a música Run! 1:28 Jung Youngbin - Leader, Lead Vocal, Dance '98 1:04 Ma Suil - Sub Vocal, Rap, Dance '99 1:17 Steven Kim - Sub Vocal, Rap '00 1:22 Jeong Woobin - Main Vocal, Dance '00

    Song Mess & FriendshipSong Mess & Friendship4 일 전
  • Que vídeo perfeitooooooooooo

    Song Mess & FriendshipSong Mess & Friendship4 일 전
  • Damn that was awesome!!!!!! What a fantastic song

    Bloodshot199Bloodshot1994 일 전
  • Vine por un anuncio pero lo termine amando

    ;;シᴊxᴏɴ;;シᴊxᴏɴ4 일 전
  • Luminous has a vídeo spectacular also this theme as the years go by will never go out of style

    fernando3246fernando32464 일 전
  • Почему такая маленькая активность!? Вы разве не видите, что это алмаз??? Откройте шире глаза и присмотритесь!

    falspefalspe4 일 전
  • bts should listen to this damn this is soooooooooooo goood

    4 일 전
  • good

    Bother Evil Bother Evil 4 일 전
  • omg im so fan of it

    n5na _ftgn5na _ftg4 일 전
  • Okay DAMN

    Murat FelderMurat Felder4 일 전
  • Качает

    Дана ПавленкоДана Павленко4 일 전
  • Мне нравиться

    Дана ПавленкоДана Павленко4 일 전